8-1/2″ x 11″ Booklets

Booklet converted to Single Cut Pages, One-Sided

We understand that some agencies require cut-sheet pages instead of fold and staple booklets. As a special service, your booklet project can be converted and produced as single cut pages printed on one side of each sheet. The entire project will be printed on 100 lb. text weight paper.

Since printing your project will require more sheets of paper, each set of pages is priced slightly higher. Ordering more books at the same time reduces the price per set.

Note: The software will still require page counts divisible by 4 and there will not be a price adjustment for less pages in-between. If your project contains extra pages that you do not want us to print, please contact us at production@focusinpix.com after ordering to let us know which pages should not be printed.

8-page booklet$10.80 ea.$8.80 ea.$7.60 ea.$6.80 ea.$6.40 ea.$6.00 ea.
12-page booklet$15.20 ea.$12.20 ea.$10.40 ea.$9.20 ea.$8.60 ea.$8.00 ea.
16-page booklet$19.60 ea.$15.60 ea.$13.20 ea.$11.60 ea.$10.80 ea.$10.00 ea.
20-page booklet$24.00 ea.$19.00 ea.$16.00 ea.$14.00 ea.$13.00 ea.$12.00 ea.
24-page booklet$28.40 ea.$22.40 ea.$18.80 ea.$16.40 ea.$15.20 ea.$14.00 ea.
28-page booklet$32.80 ea.$25.80 ea.$21.60 ea.$18.80 ea.$17.40 ea.$16.00 ea.
32-page booklet$37.20 ea.$29.20 ea.$24.40 ea.$21.20 ea.$19.60 ea.$18.00 ea.
36-page booklet$41.60 ea.$32.60 ea.$27.20 ea.$23.60 ea.$21.80 ea.$20.00 ea.
40-page booklet$46.00 ea.$36.00 ea.$30.00 ea.$26.00 ea.$24.00 ea.$22.00 ea.
44-page booklet$50.40 ea.$39.40 ea.$32.80 ea.$28.40 ea.$26.20 ea.$24.00 ea.
48-page booklet$54.80 ea.$42.80 ea.$35.60 ea.$30.80 ea.$28.40 ea.$26.00 ea.
52-page booklet$59.20 ea.$46.20 ea.$38.40 ea.$33.20 ea.$30.60 ea.$28.00 ea.
56-page booklet$63.60 ea.$49.60 ea.$41.20 ea.$35.60 ea.$32.80 ea.$30.00 ea.
60-page booklet$68.00 ea.$53.00 ea.$44.00 ea.$38.00 ea.$35.00 ea.$32.00 ea.

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