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Focus in Pix System Requirements

Prefer to download a ZIP file? Click here for a zipped version of our installer. The downloaded file will require unzip (decompression) software to extract the install file. (Most computers will already have this software.)

Thanks for using Focus in Pix!


Click on Download button found at the top of this page.

Choose ‘Save File’ if prompted. Otherwise your file should begin downloading automatically in a few seconds. Depending on your connection speed, the download may take several minutes. Thanks for your patience!



Go to ‘Downloads’ folder

Click ‘View Downloads’ in upper right corner of screen (see picture) or use your finder to navigate to the ‘Downloads’ folder. Click on the item named ‘FocusinPix4.3.3INSTALL.dmg‘ to begin installation. (If you used Finder to navigate to your ‘Downloads’ folder, double-click on this item to begin installation.)


Drag ‘Focus in Pix’ to ‘Applications’

After a minute or so, a window will appear showing two folders. Within this window, drag the ‘Focus in Pix’ blue folder into the ‘Applications’ folder.


Open Software

After all files have copied, double-click on the Applications folder. Then double-click on the Focus in Pix Folder. Look for the file Focus in and double-click on it. (You may also want to drag this icon to your dock for easy access to the program.)

Image of application to be opened

Because Focus in Pix is an application downloaded from the internet, you may receive a warning message about opening Focus in Pix. (You will only receive this message the first time you launch Focus in Pix.)  Click ‘Open’ to launch Focus in Pix.



Many projects do not come with the initial install. You may be prompted to update your software with the message, “Auto update has detected new items to download. Do you wish to view the items now?” Select “Yes” to view the list of available projects, additional scrapbook, frames and background items.

If the program does not prompt you for updates, check for them by clicking on the “Create a New Project” button, and then click the “Check for Updates” button in the lower left. We make changes to our projects on a regular basis, so check back often for updates!

When the Auto Update list pops up, click the check boxes next to the products and items you wish to add or update your software with. Please update your software with only 1 or 2 products at a time. Due to the combined size of all our projects along with varying internet connections, we do not recommend selecting all items at once. When doing so, the download time may be very long and you may receive a communication error.


To learn how to use Focus in Pix software, view our online Quick Guide. If you would like to watch a video showing how to use Focus in Pix, watch our Introductory Tutorial. Look for more Focus in Pix tutorials to come in the near future!

Tutorial image

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