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New Year Resolution – Get Organized!


Happy New Year from Focus in Pix

You have made your New Years resolutions, now it is time to make them reality. If you are like me, it takes time to go through and organize your pictures. If you want to share them you have to make time to go through and organize them. Each year I make a promotional calendar for the company and I find myself going through a lot of photos I have taken through the year. It is a great trip down memory lane. But after I get through them all, I vow to myself – next year I am going to do this on a monthly basis so I don’ t have so many to go through at once. What is my secret for actually doing it this year? I have a reminder set up on my computer to come up twice a month to go through them. Will it work? I will have to let you know!

Best way to make a photo book? Get organized!

First step is to organize your photos and decide what kind of photo book do you want to make. Things to consider:

  1. Shape of your book
    Do you want it square or landscape? When looking at your different photos what makes the most sense? Do you take a lot of photos portrait or landscape? Do you like to crop your photos? Pick a size and shape that will benefit your finished piece.
  2. Size of your book
    Is your goal to put it out on the coffee table for people to browse through and you have space? 12 x 12 is a great size for large prints and coffee tables, I would also suggest going with the Everflat Premium paper, will really set it apart!
    If your goal is to bring it along to share with friends out and about, choose a 6 x 4, great small book to show great memories!
  3. Theme
    There are different themes available or you can completely create your own. We always take suggestions as well, so if you don’t see a design that you want – please let us know!


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