Lay-Flat Paper


layflat 1000

The difference between a nice photo book and a great photo book is Lay-Flat paper.

Now, all Focus in Pix hard cover photo books come with Lay-Flat paper, at no extra cost.

Lay-Flat Paper

Your Focus in Pix book is extra special with Lay-Flat paper. Pages lay completely flat when book is open, making it easier to view images that span across your pages.


  • Pages lay flat when book is open
  • Great for books that contain images that span across two-page spread
  • Premium 80 lb. cover weight
  • Semi-matte
  • Your choice of Black Hinge Paper or White Hinge Paper

Black Hinge Paper

Layflat Black with Magnifying Glass Web

Great for Classic Black books or books with black or dark colored pages. Also great as an accent to white or light colored pages.

White Hinge Paper

Layflat White with Magnifying Glass Web

Great for Classic White books or books with white or light colored pages.

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