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How to install Focus in Pix on your computer
How to update Focus in Pix software with photo book, greeting card, poster and calendar projects
Watch Focus in Pix video tutorials
While working on your project, save often to prevent losing your progress
Understanding ‘safe area’ on your designs
Understanding bleed
About locked items
How to add pages to a photo book
How to delete pages to a photo book
How to rearrange pages in a photo book
How to duplicate pages in a photo book
How to switch between themes and sizes while working on a photo book
What types of image files can be imported into Focus in Pix?
How to scan images for use in Focus in Pix
Correct resolution DPI for images and scrapbook items (clip art) used in Focus in Pix
How to create custom colors for borders and text using the color mixer
How to create custom solid color background using the color mixer
How add your own custom background images to Focus in Pix
How to add your own custom scrapbook items (clip art) to Focus in Pix
Use one folder to store your project photos
Sort your imported pictures while working in Focus in Pix
Changing the month pages on a calendar to show correct month (applies to 11 x 8.5 Flip Calendar Only)
Starting a Wall Calendar Project
Changing which pictures show on each page of a calendar project
Using different backgrounds on calendars
Using different fonts on calendar projects
Adding additional month pages to a calendar
Adding a custom text box to specific calendar dates on a calendar page
Adding a custom photo to specific calendar dates on my calendar page
How to delete pages to a photo book
For better control when moving elements around on the page
Catch flaws and/or mistakes in your design with the ‘Preview’ and ‘Magnify’ options
How to place an order in Focus in Pix
‘I do not see a dialog box asking me to upload my files.’
How to place another order for the exact same product previously ordered
How to share your photo book so friends and family can order and pay for their own copy
Provide a copyright release to us when using professional photographer images

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